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Stefano Mazzolini - QGmasred
Acrilyc on paper 140x100 Year: 2017

- 1000€ Available -


Stefano Mazzolini

MazzoliniStefano Mazzolini was born in Parma in 1968. At the age of 9 he was nominated for the “Drawing and City” award organized by the municipality of Parma.
In 1989 he graduated Master of Art in pictorial decoration, at the institute Paolo Toschi of Parma. He devoted himself to the restoration and conservation of wall paintings for several years.
In 1990 he lived first in London and subsequently moved for a short period to New York. He knows local artists with whom he shares a loft in the Queens district.
His graphic style shows it in a gestural and immediate way, the dynamic stretch creates drops of acrylic on paper. Well managed pilots without following drawings and projects, replacing the brush with ampoule and spatula. Intriguing portraits, fairy-tale environments and mythological animals are formed, elves fluttering, fantastic figures animate a controlled chaos.
They are born between a dense web of spray, precise traits to delimit contours of human shapes, hints that act in space expressing action rich in spontaneity. Essential lines to synthesize minimal environments, generating vibrant sensations of freedom.
While on the canvas with oil expresses his vision of the hidden, beyond the appearance of being, very precise shapes to represent objects, people and things intrinsic and formed by a structure as complex as everything that lives and shapes. A combination of volumes but well defined emerges, thus highlighting the harmonious composition of our nature.

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