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Solid Dreams: between color and tactile sense
<<In this series of works on color and fabric plastically consolidated (often from recycling)
Sink or leak as jets, kinks, knots and curtains, affecting the fund and penetrate the canvas, someti

Mixed media on canvas size. 60 x 80 cm

- 20000€ Available -


Pierotti Milva


Milva Pierotti was born in Tuscany in Fivizzano (MS) where he lives and works in his studio.
Degree from the Art Academy of Carrara, he attended the School of Architecture at the University of Florence.
From childhood immersed herself in painting again through continuous experimentation of new techniques, new colors and materials, adds to the texture of textile and objects trouvés.
With its unique conceptual expression - Visionary has produced in forty years of extensive series of works where we can appreciate the integration of media, the depth of the issues, the native talent and powerful personality of the dramatic tonal range.
He has exhibited in numerous solo in major European show and Italian, with confirmation of the growing criticism, the public and the media.
Critical note

Nets Pierotti
<<In this series of works of textile color and textures interact to a revelation of the connections that bind the macrocosm and inner space.
In various creative moments, always between conceptual and visionary - the energies of the truss structures evoke the colors through glow, deep gashes of scenarios.
As strings of a musical instrument, vibrate apparent visual seductions of nights, storms, beaches. ramure in the wind, magma stellar signals supersensory and archetypal, immanent in the cosmos and religiosity, atmosphere epochal.
The term sometimes raises conceptual ambiguity plastic shapes, soaked in auroral flare or Nordic, migrants from virtuality objectivity.
No accident that the first major exhibition of these works in Italy with the title “The plots of Hermione” (at Versiliana1999 di Pietrasanta, dedicated to the ’900 and D’Annunzio) received just for its epoch-making suggestions, the live praise of Vittorio Sgarbi .
Recycling structural-functional dell’objet trouvé, not nostalgic-minimalist, here becomes an act of inherent expressive choice. The atelier of Pierotti, including networks, textures textiles, fabrics, leathers and plastics - prepared and rendered in color and in treatments with granulature, chalks, pigments base - the elements come together in the recycling art project as a catalyst for emotional charge. >
(Fabio Tedeschi - 2006)

Solid Dreams: between color and tactile sense
<<In this series of works on color and fabric plastically consolidated (often from recycling)
Sink or leak as jets, kinks, knots and curtains, affecting the fund and penetrate the canvas, sometimes up to engage in ’evidence’ s also active parts of the inner frame. Texture and color mark, in the apparent calm of an unexploded bomb, kept pace, crossed and penetrated by disturbing apparitions of plastic forms treated in chiaroscuro and frottages essential, between painting and the tactile sense. Everything gives the impression of atonal music: Time stands still in a doze, punctuated by the hills between the surfaces of bright primary colors, or almost - monochrome bronzes, grays auroral, the Nordic banks: a mix that has made all Pierotti ’attention of critics and the European public.
Plastic is born with a strong approach to the proposal to present this series of works including the blind, manifested in two major national exhibitions, Carrara (Church of Suffrage - 2005) and Monza (Certosa di Agliano - 2006) held in conjunction with ’ UIC and with great success, the critics and the media. >> (Artes - 2007)

Pierotti: artistic

Painting techniques
Mixed media on canvas and board - Oil --
Acrylic - Vinyl - Pigments - Glazes - Trame
Textiles - Materials recycling Tele-Consolidated --
Plasters - polyurethane foam.

Graphic techniques
Unique pieces in charcoal, pencils,
inks, powders, pigments, paper treated.

Art magazine
Yearbook of Modern Art, Art,
Praxis, Forum Artis, Art Future

Il Corriere della Sera - Il Giorno
The Nation - Il Resto del Carlino
The Tirreno - Il Secolo XIX

Art Books
“PIEROTTI” by Luciano Caprile (Arts 2005)

Work in galleries
Berne, Malmo, Milan, Florence, Venice, Rome, Pisa,
Genoa, Bergamo, Piacenza, Modena, Viareggio.

Works in Museums
Museo d’Arte Contemporanea - Pescara
Forum Artis Museum - Montes - Modena

Luciano Caprile, Vittorio Sgarbi, Nicola Micieli,
Giorgio Seveso, Lino Cavallari, Joseph L. Coluccia,
Franco Basile, Ferruccio Battolini, Fabio Tedeschi

Pierotti: Activity Exhibition

European Exhibition
1997 Europ’Art (The Sixties) - Barcelona - Exp.
1998 BIAF (The Sixties) - Barcelona - Exp.
2004 F.I.L. Luxembourg - personal “La Mer du Réseau” (Palma de Arte) - Lux
2004 Europ’Art (Palma Arte) - Geneve - Schw.
Lineart 2004 - (Palma de Arte) - Gent - Bel.
2004 Art Holland Den Haag - (Palma de Arte) - The Hague - Ned.
ART Innsbruck 2005 - personal “Celebration Traume” (The Sixties) - Innsbruck - Ost

Italian Salons
1994 Vicenza Arte (The Sixties) - Vicenza (VC)
1994 Art Fair (The Sixties) - Padova (PD)
1995 Expo Arte (The Sixties) - Bari (BA)
1996 Art Fair (The Sixties) - Padova (PD)
1996 Miart (The Sixties) - Milan (MI)
1997 PAF (The Sixties) - Palermo (PA)
1999 Art Udine (The Sixties) - Udine (UD)
2004 Imagine Modern Art - (The Sixties) - Reggio Emilia (RE)
1997 Mixed techniques - Galleria Transit - Bergamo (BG)
Pierotti 1997 - The Gallery Navicello - Torre del Lago Puccini (LU)
1998 Mixed techniques - Palazzo Civico di Sarzana (SP)
1998 Trame - The Gallery Navicello - Torre del Lago Puccini - Viareggio (LU)
1999 Mixed techniques - Gallery Malatesta - Rimini (FR)
1999 The plots of Hermione - Versilia - Pietrasanta (LU)
Pierotti 1999 - Art 99 - Gallery Malatesta - Rimini (FR)
2000 plots in blue - Galleria Masini - Florence (FI)
2000 The plots of Hermione - Holiday Inn - Bologna (BO)
Pierotti 2000 - Forum Artis Museum - Montes - Modena (MO)
2000 Deep Blue - Circolo Nautico - Viareggio (LU)
Pierotti 2000 - 2000 Art - Gallery Sixties Gallipoli (LE)
Pierotti 2000 - “Dating 2000” - Modern CentroArte - Pisa (PI)
2001 Mixed techniques - “Art is … Forte - Assess. Culture - Forte dei Marmi (LU)
2002 Mar Navigli - Naviglio Grande - Milano (MI)
2002 mixed technique - Torre Chapterhouse - Assess. Culture - Portovenere (SP)
2003 Beyond the Sea (Palma Arte) - Tellaro Lerici (SP)
2004 Mixed Techniques - Amusement Paradisino - Assess. Culture - Modena
2004 Blue Networks - (Palma Art & Forum Artis International Magazine) - Tellaro - Lerici (SP)
2005 Goals Blue - Art Gallery in Florence - Florence (FI)
Pierotti 2005 - Svenska Konstgalleriet - Malmo (SW)
2005 Goals blue - Space A.P.T. - Marina di Massa (MS)
2005 Concrete Dreams - Church of Suffrage (UIC & Cultura & Artes) - Carrara (MS)
2006 Concrete Dreams - Basilica of garlic (UIC & Arts) - Milan (MI)
2007 Concrete Dreams - Gallery Europe (Mercury Arts) - Camaiore (LU)
2008 RiciclArte - Gallery Agheiro - Lavagna (GE)
2009 Signs - 20 x 20 --
2009 Goals Blue - Art Gallery in Florence - Florence (FI)

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