Pardo Ana - The innocence of Eve
The innocence of Eve
Oil on canvas 81 x 100 cm

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Pardo Ana

AnaIt is impossible to describe an artistic temperament briefly without needing a lot of extra explanations. We are considering the work of an artist who has coherently and passionately defended truth and freedom in Art while (paradoxically, we may think) allowing the artist certain limits in this defence. These limits do not act as rules strictly speaking: rather, they are correct choices establishing by elimination the elements suitable for any artistic expression. Her love for the whole tradition of painting has fed her creative energy yet she has always believed in the unique being within each one of us and in what this being can create. Her teachers are like words, like language; we all learn the same words but if there is a poet within the poem will be unique. Tradition is a language but the verses it paints are quite different, they are unique.

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