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Paolo-Ugo Brusa - Justitia (Suspensi II)
Justitia (Suspensi II)
Add eight minor groups of four images each. These are ’steps’, showing a man’s walk, the artist’s symbolic walk, on different places and soils around the world. The bigger images develop the main theme of this work: [to follow]

The assembly is preferably to be displayed horizontal; a vertical display is also acceptable, but after an exposure period ’to the feet’ of the public. [To follow]

- 1, 500.00€ Available -

Digital Art

Paolo-Ugo Brusa

BrusaProArt is what my work is pointedly about. Its manifesto: to offer a visual approach, descriptive and critical, to prosophy’s views. At the core of prosophy’s vision there is a founding interest in whatever being alive means and implies for all people in every path of life. So ProArt aims to approach all visions, and in doing so it also enhances art’s wanted all-round freedom. To grant themselves the greatest width and depth of sight, proartistic projects are above all cooperative and multi-representational. People are invited, in many a way, to enter their own visions and reviews to the common core.

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