Herco Vitulli - The eye of the Horse
The eye of the Horse
Acrylique sur toile

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Herco Vitulli

VitulliBorn in France in 1965, I am a self-taught artist, mainly influenced firstly by Action Painting, Lyrical Abstraction, Abstract Expressionism, ) with Kandinsky, Georges Mathieu (that I consider as the real creator of French Lyric Abstraction), Karl Otto Götz, Jackson Pollock, because of the energy, explosiveness and speed of execution that emit the majority of their works, Jean Degottex and Pierre Soulages, for their pure work with black on white.

Furthermore, I am also interested in the approach, style and creativity research of Kline, Hartung, Rothko, Still, Motherwell, de Kooning, Arpell.

The Movement as “No-Movement” alone constitute the face of the world around us. My creative work inspires me to move freely blithely from one to the other.

The Movement.

Philosophical and martial Chronicle: “When you learn a move or technique, you must first feel rather stubbornly seek to understand rationally.

Conversely, you will pass next to the essence of the movement and heavenly splendor. ” Movement in Martials Arts (my leitmotiv for a long time in my life), painting in action with association of colours, unforseeable and structured diversity constitue the first axis of my work.

The “No-Movement”

We live in a world of concrete, frozen materials, static, yet do live and have reason to be that through our actions and we made an endless movement. Without stillness, movement is not and vice versa. Cities and urban landscapes (but only abstract /figurative and constitute the second axis of my work.

Why judge a work or seeking to enter the rational side while the irrational can better smell! Abstract Art can scare as it plunges us into a universe created from scratch, which, if it can cause fear, do not leave us indifferent He unveils our anxieties and confronts us with ourselves.

Art has no other limit than the artist wants to establish good.


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