Gio Caillet - PARIS c'est si bon
PARIS c'est si bon
PARIS it is so good creation 2007 Gimik visual, is done into 1, 4, 16, into 49, like ici.dimension of 10x15cm with 3x4m; all supports. Paris, each one has of it an image which can change with the hours the days places… etc we manufacture your or

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Gio Caillet

CailletRAISE ARTS DECO INDUSTRIAL DESIGNER INTERNATIONAL SPECIALIST IN NEW MATERIALS CREATIVE MATERIAL SOUND, ACOUSTICS EXPERT JOINS AGAIN WITH PAINTING AND the SCULPTURE IN 2000 I am the child of the time of the multitudes, I take pleasure artisanalement to do work now entrusted to the machine. I create for the machine of new techniques. I make single parts with industrial techniques, we are in I1 time of the mould and the reproductiveness. The computer is for me a cutting machine and an immense roller with painting. These constraints cause my imagination. A software replaces the photograph, the photograph replaces cutting, serigraphy is killed by the direct impression. C is I1 entered of industry I’ art. It is to have the same instruments to draw as to build a city. My mission today is not to create for a person, but to have individual relationship with all the people being able to reach art; that they come to my workshop, or that they live with 8000kms. That one not speaks the same language, but same the language. Universalizations of the exchanges to manufactured of new universal codes. Can one develop any language? YES, with new bases, that forms new fastenings with reality. 01001101. We is in I1 time of the signs, it is reformed art. Scanning and modeling do not oblige us any more to carve one personnage;mais gives us the right to dream. The technological auxiliary enables me to build and of déconstruire.La vectorialisation allows to create on its screen the?uvre of 15cm by 20cm, and to carry it out without error and without copying in 20m by 15m. It is the monumentalisation of the spirit.

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