Digital Art

Arnaud Gaulon    Lyon (France)
Steph Lee Pullen    (United Kingdom)
My name is Steph Lee Pullen, I was 18 on the 19th of February this year. I’ve spent 10 years in France, being 18 they were the most important years of my life, they enabled me to learn different languages, I speak fluent french, some german and spa
Simon P Laurent    (France)
Sum Up : Photography and motion picture: same as breathing like a heartbeat. More than a necessity. Somehow, it enables me to talk about my fear that torment deep inside, maybe to be more in peace with myself, and being more accepted by the others.
Rossorame A.Pagliarello    Firenze (Italy)
Runbo Epike    (France)
Michel Lache    serignan (France)
Bonjour à tous ceux qui viennent me rendre une petite visite. J’ai 57 ans, passionné de photos, et art numériques. ”L’art est la nature de l’imagination ”. Citation personnelle…et j’y crois !!!
Zoltan Gerliczki    Paris (France)
Zoltan Gerliczki was born in NYiregyhaza, Hungary in 1971. He was raised in Budapest’s orphanage during Hungary’s communist regime. He is a self-taught painter, illustrator and computer artist who has worked for various magazines such as Io
Artone-Design Looping    nivelles (Belgium)
Artone De Marilyn Monrœ à Robby le Robot ou la persistance du Pop art Des collages rigolos, poétiques, fragments de réalités multiples recomposant ses propres univers, détournements et clins d’œil à Warhol et à l
Philippe Bocard (elfelipe)    Bourges (France)
Graphik works with many characters? Philippe bocard (elfelipe) is a graphik artist who treat his characters in differents landscape

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L'indisciplinaire des arts vivants

Dédiée à la création contemporaine, elle propose une manière de traduire la transversalité des formes artistiques (danse, théâtre, arts visuels, musique…) tout en engageant une analyse critique des enjeux esthétiques, culturels et politiques du monde d’aujourd’hui.
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