Cushmok - Sysiphe
-Sysiphe-{2005}, h:25cm l:15cm L:84cm



Nature is in the center of various work.
It is essential by its matters, which they are vegetable or mineral, but also by its states, often faded and thus to some extent related to Time,
weather (action of the rain, the sun…) or chronological (variable
duration of exposure, controlled speed of the reactions of colouring for example…) The Chance plays a part in its importance taken in the
various creative phenomena, deviating the way envisaged of succeeded
work. Its action is hoped like, for example, by the association of two
potentially reactive products, by the exposure to the bad weather of a sculpture…

The means used are often drawn from Nature: grounds, plants
( wood, flowers, seeds, pigments, spices…), elements animal (bone, dried fins…)
The adhesive roller is used in successive layers to have passed to the flame and
to take a very organic aspect then.
For the sculpture, I use much metal, that it is for the skeletons, or more recently
in wire rolled up to define the forms.
It very present in its deteriorated form, is also found that and there.
I invested it lately still more: welding, grinding, hammering.

“recovery” holds an important place in this work: to find the traces of a last life.

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