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Chougar Mr Chougar - The Human
The Human

Acrylique sur toile 50 cm X 70 cm

- 1000€ Available -


Chougar Mr Chougar

Mr ChougarHakim CHOUGAR Painter Born on September 12, 1977, lives and painted in France in Albi (Tarn) since April 2001, Practiced Martial Art, Culinary art, and Artistic Art at the same time.Materials, oil, acrylic, gouache, on canvas or paper small or large format, It is said that my painting and naive or raw? I say it’s simply my way of painting I’m not in this or that category (style), j I discovered painting at the age of 22 as a way of expression and occupation in an association in Albi, where there was a workshop of expression of artistic painting, the animator had proposed to me if I wanted tried, at first I hesitated because I did not know anything in the art! Without really wanting and without knowing I accepted, suddenly I took a little taste it invaded or sucked, because I hated to stayed idle so I had to find an occupation or a job. I was encouraged by a lot of people and about all the employees of this association, they found that my painting and one of a kind? because it cleared something strong and touching at the same time, and it’s greasy also to a lot of other outside people who encouraged me to keep painting, since I continued to this day, in 2009 I attracted the attention of a great English professor of international art, Mr Francis Pratt, who has an art school in Castelnau de Montmiral in the Tarn, so I offered free internships! to integrate his school, I accepted but provided not changed my way of expression, he was in agreement. I have done several individual and collective exhibitions in the Tarn region and others, my next will be international because I have contactes.ma first it was in December 2001 at the National Cultural Center (Athanor) in Albi on the occasion of the 51st anniversary of the 1951 Geneva Convention on Human Rights.

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