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Alain Peyrard - Black cat with blue eyes (BacBlackCat)
Black cat with blue eyes (BacBlackCat)
Speincture © BacBlackCat
Flower box of the black cat with blue eyes

Acrylique paint on canva, with sculptured cat and leaves who exit the frame, to merge sculpture and painting.

26.5 x 50.5 x 6.5 cm

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Alain Peyrard

PeyrardFor a long time I am split between statics and the motion, the paint and the sculpture, the 2D and the 3D, be in the frame or to be out of frame.

2000s are for me the awakening of an unconscious project. It emerges that a new form from it of expression which is not a bas relief, a painted sculpture, a picture with a relief element, an optical illution but a sculpture which bottom in the picture by pushing back the limits of the frame.

I launch this idea, to create a grouping of artists on this new concept of sculpture and paint, be into and out of frame, the Speincture ©.

My series out of frame (Hors-Cadre)

1) The Speincture - Series Hors-Cadre HCS ©
Merging of sculpture and painting.
Paint on Wood, canvas, Stone or other surfaces.
With a sculptured part which enters or goes out of the frame.
With or without a partial frame on highly-rated opposite.

2) The decomposed - Séries Hors-Cadre HCD ©
The view is a decomposition of multiple smaller images.
It is the Photography, the drawing or the paint that does not trap in a unique frame our fields of vision.

It is an image multi-paintings or multi-media, who is decomposed and reconstructed at the same time (a breakdown but only the frame collapse)
But the global view of the image remains stable (horizontal, etc).
Each part is delimited, But the vision seems to go on outside these limits.
The eyesight is not any more reduced to the edges of the multiple frames, it’s widens.

3) The Speincture decomposed - Séries HCSD ©
La Speincture and frame less Décomposed Gathered to the best of both.

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