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Vincent W Sabatier - Geisha vincent sabatier
Geisha vincent sabatier
Cette œuvre fait partie d’une série GEISHA/SAMURAI,
contraste, rupture transition quand le samuraï va voir la geisha ( femme des arts)

Vinyl thermoformé sur BOIS OSD panneau de grandes particules orientées
70 X 130

Je peux fournir à l’acheteur un certificat d’authenticité signé, et une facture.

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Vincent W Sabatier


The ebb and flow in the human being, packaging, links, weaving, and making interactions between people are the foundation of my work.

The choice of resin, fiberglass and vinyl has gradually imposed on me because these materials provide a reading at my creative process and my philosophical reflections. Indeed, by the fiber, I find weaving. The resin treatment, brings transparency and energy to my creations. The visuals of my vinyl translucent or opaque, meanwhile bring a personal reflection on various social phenomena. Records are worked by thermal heating on OSB waferboard revealing the fibers in the vinyl.

27/Newtown is the work made during the night of the tragedy of Newtown UNITED STATES. This work brings different elements of militant read about the importance of Amendment No. 2 of the U.S. Constitution and aberrations that result.

27 $ 100 bills represent 27 victims and the head of crazed killer Adam Lanza. Background of dispatch supported by the American slogan ?Yes, we can kill your sons? reflects the trivialization of such drama. There oppose right a mother and her child, a mother and left collapsed into the arms of her husband distraught because she just lost her child showing the pain of the families and how lives can be broken. Finally wholesale ?TWO HUNDRED MILLION GUNS IN UNITED STATES? visual and weapons used by the killer, calls for awareness and realism.

The Kiss / The Kiss, is a work created in the first place with a sculpture (see: video). Straight Homo Krass and Johnny are together and kiss in its essence and the right to marry for all. Therefore, the two characters are composed of pictures of different kisses, man / woman, man / man, woman / woman ?. colors bringing the passion and power of this act of love.

My work very personal, are a reflection of my soul, I offer my deepest thoughts, dating, love, passion, protection, envy, sharing ? all these feelings that make me exist and live with others.

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