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Philippe Buil - FOUQUE WITTIG
Sculpture representing a vanity cut in the wood with crane lace of steel.

Unique Sculpture
7 x 9 x 8 in

- 900€ Available -


Philippe Buil

BuilLight and Shadow
It is uncommon to come face to face with an artistic creation that by its very technique, its power, and its inspiration becomes a self-evident, revolutionary reference the moment one lays eyes on it. Philippe Buil’s sculptures are all of that. The French artist, in his studio resembling more an alchemist’s lab than that of an artist, blurs the line between shadow and light.
His unique technique, enabling him to associate the nobleness of bronze with the strength of steel and the otherworldliness of aluminum, goes beyond his experience with these metals and transforms them into lacy spectacles of never-ending dances with the rays of light in which they bathe.
Inspired by the human body, he reinvents the Greek classics and guides our gaze towards the sensuality of the curve. He also enjoys working with the animal world, like a Buffon rediscovering the glory of zoology.
In less than five years, this self-taught quinquagenarian has seen his work recognized throughout the world (USA, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Canada, ?) and his popularity along with it.
The unique character of this artist and his work combining grace and power, intimacy and sensuality, magnificence and naturalism; transport us as only the greatest artists know how.
For five year he has been showing us the magic of his creations in domestic and international expositions; all the while continuing to innovate, and adding to each show a new masterpiece

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